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To clear things up a bit, we spoke to Paintball USA co-owner April Schwartz, who.The Custom Platinum Paintball Gun is an evolutionary step by the brand and is one of the most iconic paintball guns available in the market today.

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This extreme sport can be very overwhelming at the best of times, inexperienced players should not have to do with malfunctioning equipment.Paintballing is an electrifying experience, which may even be a bit intimidating to novices.

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The more technology the gun has (such as electronic triggers, fancy hoopers.), the higher the risk something will go wrong with the gun on the field.For first time paintballers a day of paintball can be rather intimidating, the fast paced, adrenaline filled combat simulation is exhilarating and somewhat daunting as you gear up, enter your selected game zones and prepare for war.

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The beginner paintball gun package includes everything you need to get started with your paintball obsession.

After players feel the adrenaline rush of a paintball game, they are often interested in getting their own equipment to be able to play more frequently and for better performance.Whether playing solo or as part of a team, the game relies heavily upon strategy.Paintball is an increasingly popular sport with numerous variations. paintball starter kit

Paintball is a fun game which imitates military combat, and can be played in an indoor or an outdoor setting.Tippmann has been one of the leading paintball gun manufacturers.

It is lightweight and comes with a high-impact body suitable for extended hours of play.Here I will go over what HPA is and what it means to you and playing paintball.


These cost effective markers make it possible for the player on a budget to still have the quality and cool factor of a more advanced gun.

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For a beginner or an average paintball player, finding the best paintball guns can be a bit difficult.

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Staying with a basic paintball gun is always a good idea for the beginner paintball player.

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There is a lot to learn when you first get into the sport of paintball.Flag Raiders Paintball is family run and has been operating since 1983.

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Badlands Paintball has been passionately involved with paintball since 1988.

Power is by way of a compressed air gas tank that is in its smallest form as big as a coke bottle, that is mounted externally on the paintball gun.

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